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A full-time position is available for a highly motivated research technician at the DFCI Translational Immunogenomics Laboratory (TIGL). The Translational Immunogenomics Laboratory (TIGL) was established to assist investigators at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) and its partners in advancing cancer immunotherapy research through state-of-the-art systems for molecular and cellular analysis of immune response to cancer therapeutics. TIGL also is an integral part of the DFCI Personalized Cancer Vaccine Center, and all the patient samples from a portfolio of ongoing clinical trials in personal neoantigen-targeting cancer vaccines are analyzed in a centralized fashion at TIGL.

The technician will contribute to new technologies for characterizing T cell specificity and neoantigen peptide properties in cancer and infectious disease. The laboratory uses various techniques in immunology, cell culture, molecular biology, protein engineering, and mass-spectrometry to develop and scale high throughput methods for mapping the antigen specificity of millions of T cells using single-cell RNA sequencing. The technician will be responsible for immune monitoring of these active personalized cancer vaccine trials, and engaged in protein purification, preparing samples for mass-spectrometry, and conduct cellular immunology workflows, including flow cytometry and single-cell RNA seq. The technician should have excellent record-keeping skills and a drive to contribute to developing new methods in single-cell immune cell profiling. Training is available in all protocols and procedures; experience with basic techniques in cell culture and biology is strongly preferred. 


The candidate will be expected to independently carry out essential research functions in the laboratory that include but are not limited to experience in cell and molecular biology techniques.

Specifically, the candidate is expected to:

  • contribute to a portfolio of research projects with supervision and mentoring from the TIGL Immunology Lead
  • provide intellectual and interactive commitment to the position by keeping up with appropriate literature and research publications;
  • design and execute standardized molecular, immunological, microbiological or biochemical experiments including the collection of information and samples from blood and tissue
  • analyze experimental data and interpret results to write reports and summaries of findings including grant preparation, presentations, and co-authored publications;
  • participate in formal and informal presentations of results to laboratory and staff
  • participate in grant application process and manuscript preparation as required;
  • collaborate well with laboratory members and broader DFCI and Boston scientific community
  • maintain detailed notebooks of all work-related activities;
  • monitor laboratory work to ensure compliance with Environmental Health and Safety information, as well as the standard operating procedures specific to each laboratory.
  • set up, adjust, calibrate, clean, maintain and troubleshoot equipment;
  • clean and maintain work areas
  • order supplies necessary to conduct experiments
  • be responsible for the development, modification and improvement of standard operating procedures;
  • use computers, computer-interfacing equipment, robotics or high-technology applications to perform work duties


The ideal candidate should possess strong communication and organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to perform in a team environment. An interest in pursuing advanced education in MD, PhD, or MD-PhD programs in the future is preferred. In addition, the position requires:

  • a bachelor's degree, with a major in biology or chemistry preferred;
  • previous laboratory experience, with work in cell culture;
  • knowledge of information and techniques related to either biology, chemistry or medicine is preferred;
  • excellent communication skills (written and verbal) and the ability to work with a wide variety of faculty and staff;
  • the ability to analyze information and use logic to address work-related issues and problems;
  • strong attention to detail and thorough completion of work tasks; and
  • the ability to work within a team environment.

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