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  • Community Outreach Specialist, Cancers affecting Males

    Job ID:
    10 Brookline Place West, Brookline, MA
    Research Laboratory
    Full time
    Work Location:
    Hybrid: 2-3 days onsite/week

    The Community Outreach Specialist will demonstrate expertise in cancers and in working with medically underserved populations and communities. The overall responsibility includes conducting cancer prevention education sessions about prostate, colon, testicular cancers affecting men and those assigned male at birth, identifying new community-focused cancer education opportunities for medically underserved and …

Research Laboratory Jobs in Brookline, MA at Dana-Farber

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At Dana-Farber, our team members play a key role in providing innovative and groundbreaking cancer treatments. From researchers and lab technicians, to family support service counselors, to doctors and nurses, each employee is focused on providing cancer treatment aimed at meeting the specific needs of our patients and their families. Join us in our mission and ultimate goal: the eradication of cancer and related diseases.

Research Laboratory Jobs in Brookline, MA at Dana-Farber may include:

Research Technician Team members in these research technician jobs assist scientists in performing scientific research, development and/or clinical tasks of varying complexity. Duties include the setup, operation and maintenance of laboratory instruments and equipment, monitoring experiments, making observations, and calculating and recording results.

Scientific Portfolio Manager, CPD Team members in these scientist jobs lead portfolio management support for the Center for Protein Degradation and ensure operational activities align with portfolio needs to expedite project delivery.

Chemical Biologist Team members in these scientist jobs independently plan, manage, and perform experiments and identify next steps based on outcomes.

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