Senior Preclinical In Vivo Associate

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450 Brookline Ave, Boston, MA 02215

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Full time

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Onsite: 100% onsite


We are seeking a highly motivated individual to join a preclinical in vivo pharmacology associates’ team in a fast-paced and collaborative environment at the Experimental Therapeutics Core Facility at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The position reports directly to the Head of Experimental Therapeutics Core. 

The individual will work closely with the preclinical and clinical scientists at the Institute and leading industry collaborators to design and execute oncology-related mouse studies. Individuals will have access to extensive training in mouse handling and in vivo skills necessary for procedures to participate in the preclinical research setting actively. Studies focus on cancer model development and testing a variety of novel cancer therapies by monitoring in vivo disease progression through various modalities- like bioluminescence imaging, flow cytometry, or caliper measurement. Studies run through the Experimental Therapeutics Core lead to further world-class research or high-ranked publications. 

A successful candidate requires the ability to organize and manage a workload independently while aiding team members in building a collaborative environment. They would need to keep detailed, accurate records of completed studies to report findings to investigators, resulting in further research or publication. 

The position is at 27 Dry Dock Ave, South Boston

The positions in this job family will perform scientific research, which includes design and execute oncology related mouse studies using bioluminescence (BLI) imaging as well as the entire spectrum of conventional (e.g., caliper measurements, clinical scoring) endpoints to evaluate pre-clinical novel cancer therapies.  They will perform set up, operation and maintenance of laboratory instruments and equipment, monitoring experiments, making observations and calculating and recording results to meet the requirements of industry sponsored research agreements. They must maintain a professional demeanor in communications with collaborators. They must be able to take necessary initiative to meet project timelines and deliverables. Must be able to understand and follow the Animal Resource Facilities standard operating procedures and institutional guidelines and policies. Individual must understand and follow the local, state, federal and regulations and guidelines for working with in vivo research models.


Located in Boston and the surrounding communities, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is a leader in life changing breakthroughs in cancer research and patient care. We are united in our mission of conquering cancer, HIV/AIDS and related diseases. We strive to create an inclusive, diverse, and equitable environment where we provide compassionate and comprehensive care to patients of all backgrounds, and design programs to promote public health particularly among high-risk and underserved populations. We conduct groundbreaking research that advances treatment, we educate tomorrow's physician/researchers, and we work with amazing partners, including other Harvard Medical School-affiliated hospitals.


  • Set up, adjust, calibrate, clean, maintain and troubleshoot equipment.
  • Clean, maintain and prepare supplies and work areas and may be responsible for ordering of supplies. Collaborates with Purchasing and may be responsible for negotiating with vendors.
  • Analyze experimental data and interpret results to write reports and summaries of findings, including grant preparation and presentations, and look for opportunities to co-author publications. Will be expected to participate in formal and information presentations of results to staff and collaboration partners.
  • Assist with the establishment and maintenance of mouse (e.g. by injection or minor surgery).
  • Perform mouse in vivo animal procedures, including dosing animals by various routes (e.g. oral, intravenous, intraperitoneal, etc.), measuring tumors by calipers, non-invasive imaging (bioluminescent imaging) and breeding of genetically engineered mouse models.
  • Maintain treatment records and inventory of all pharmaceuticals, equipment and supplies, and help with other administrative tasks.
  • Contribute to overall laboratory organization, training of new staff and working on IACUC protocols.
  • Participate in grant application process and manuscript preparation as required. Further will be responsible for preparing reports for collaborators.
  • Maintains detailed notebook of all work-related activities and support patent invention disclosures and IND enabling filing.
  • Monitors laboratory work to ensure compliance with Environmental Health and Safety information as well as the standard operation procedures specific to each laboratory.
  • Expected to provide intellectual and interactive commitment to position by keeping up with appropriate literature and research publications.
  • Responsible for the development, modification and improvement of standard operating procedures and provide detailed protocols as specified by sponsored research agreements.
  • Uses computers, computer-interfaced equipment, robotics or high-technology applications to perform work duties.
  • Responsible for designing and executing advanced experiments and setting strategy.
  • Responsible for troubleshooting and Quality Control of experiments.
  • Responsible for communications and managing interactions with collaborators.
  • Responsible for meeting project deliverables and timelines.
  • May be responsible for the examination of animals and specimens to detect the presence of disease or other problems.
  • May be responsible for monitoring laboratory budgets.
  • Performs other responsibilities as required.

 Senior Pre-clinical In Vivo Assoicate:

  • Exercises wide latitude in determining objectives and approaches to critical assignments.
  • Has supervisory responsibilities (including preparation of annual reviews, mentoring and training of staff) and has project management responsibilities.



    • Bachelor’s degree required with a major in biology, Animal Sciences or related Life Sciences preferred.
    • Requires a minimum of 4 years related experience.
    • Having broad expertise of unique knowledge, uses skills to contribute to develop resolution to critical issues and broad design issues of significant impact to the Institute.
    • Works on significant and unique issues where analysis of situations or data requires an evaluation of intangibles.
    • Exercises independent judgment in methods, techniques and evaluation criteria for obtaining results.
    • Creates formal networks involving coordination among groups.

At Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, we work every day to create an innovative, caring, and inclusive environment where every patient, family, and staff member feels they belong.  As relentless as we are in our mission to reduce the burden of cancer for all, we are equally committed to diversifying our faculty and staff.  Cancer knows no boundaries and when it comes to hiring the most dedicated and diverse professionals, neither do we. If working in this kind of organization inspires you, we encourage you to apply.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is an equal opportunity employer and affirms the right of every qualified applicant to receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, national origin, sexual orientation, genetic information, disability, age, ancestry, military service, protected veteran status, or other characteristics protected by law.

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